“Don’t ask me what I’m talking about. I don’t know okay? I’m just the vessel. The message has been gifted. I’ve moved on.”

Ancient history: in 1998-1999, Labor Daze broadcast over-the-air as a pirate radio station. Based in L.A. the program featured xxxxxxxxxx. The very first show is right here.

Now, Labor Daze is recast as a podcast. When over-the-air opportunities arise, we'll jump on them. For now, though, Labor Daze is focused on xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Prewitt was named in honor of organizer Phyllis Prewitt (picture?). From her example, POF's mission focused on creative and fearless ground-based organizing. The model was designed to distinguish POF dfrom the ill-fated AFL-C IO Organizing Institiute in several key respects:

metrics were based on votes cards and wins - not just recuriitn numbers

POF was open to organizers from every walk of life with a special emphisis on career transition staffers and actual union mmebrs (amzn and why - poultry - ufcw ctw liuna rwdsu - committed to core ideals (no office space, no instutuinal careerism, limited exisittnce xxxxxx)

today you'll still find 100s of your collegaues and friends that can trace their roots to overall expeince to POF.