No one does what we do - we created this unique and focused set of services. And no one will ever do it as efficiently and as exclusively for our progressive and union allies and friends.    

Major Relief and Enhanced Budgeting

Our "staff-carry" program serves entities that must deploy or otherwise employ the services of project, campaign, short-term or seasonal staffers.   You direct them and the project - we carry all the administrative, HR and payroll burdens - even long after the project has ended.   Have 25 lost-time members paid weekly for six weeks?  Write one check rather than 150.   2500 GOTV staffers for two weeks?  Whether you're the campaign or the canvassing firm, write a few checks rather than 1000 or more. Beyond the time and tax burden relief, we guarantee we'll cost you at least 15% less than what it costs you now.

Tru-Blue Shoulders

A very special branch of the above, our focus here is progressive, Labor and Dem electoral politics - with additional services tailored to new candidates and campaigns and those with limited resources. We'll keep you legal, administratively light and better financed when we take these burdens on.   And this is focused on the unique needs and demands of the work you do:  same-day payroll or even one-time payroll service, real 24-7 staff and pay support, assisted funding and one-hour set-up.



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