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Time Clock Tracking

Powerful time clock tracking software for all your business needs.

Time Clock Tracking is something most businesses, large or small, struggle with every day. Our robust software can handle all your employee time tracking needs including: Tracking shift differentials, job costing management with multiple overtime rules, browser based time & attendance applications, employee edits, hours, reports and schedule shifts. All of this and more while giving you an efficient solution while being one of the easiest workflow management tools on the market today.

Choose from a range of software and hardware options to fit your business and budget.

Tru-Comp Time Clock Tracking Software Packages

We have several software packages to fit any business requirement. Now you can have all your information at your finger tips using our powerful automated software solutions for Time Clock Tracking:

Most Editions can be mixed and matched with others to cater to your specific needs.

Our Time Clock Tracking software will interface with:

ACS, ADP, Advantage, BASS, Business Works, Express Pay, Great Plains, InfiniteVisions, Lotus, MAS90, MAS200, MAS500, Millennium, Munis, Oracle, Paychex, PayChoice, Peach Tree, PenSoft, Pentamation, People Soft, QuickBooks, SAGE, SageABRA, School Accounting Systems, ShelbySystems, Smart HR, TxEIS and Unifund/BudgetSense

Productivity modules and utilities: Auto Deduction, AutoImport Module, Automation Utility, Break on Clock Out, Command Line Labor Cost Utility Module, Contract Hours Variance Report, Contract Workers, Contracts First Hour Calculation Module, Daily Overtime Exemption Module, Desktop Fingerprint Module, Digital Output Access Report, Digital Output Module, Fingerprint Module, Forced Overtime Module, Handscanner Module, Hour Adjustment Module, Include Overtime in Regular Hours, Job Costing Module, LDAP Authentication Module, LDAP OSTC Authentication Module, Multi-Company Module, Multi-Time Zone Module, Paid Break Limit Module, POP3 Authentication Module, Punch Restriction Module, Quad Weekly Overtime Module, Salaried Non-Exempt Module, Shift Based Auto Deduct Module, Shift Differential Module, Start Time Module (Flexible Time of Day), Substitute Module, TimeClock Mobile for Web 3.0, Weighted Overtime Module, Workweek Finalizer, and many more.

Hardware Options

Our Time Clocks are build to last and fully featured to meet all your business needs today and in the future. Check out the hardware solutions below:

Pin Entry Time Clocks - Keypad

Built to last and backed by our 1 year parts and labor warranty, it would be very hard to find a time clock like ours. With all the employees information in a database, all your employees need to do is enter their information to clock in and out.

Card Time Clocks - Bar Code, Magnetic, Proximity Card Readers

A very popular time clock, the Card Type Time Clock has all the functionality of our other Time Clocks with the functionality to accept Bar Code, Magnetic and Proximity cards. With real-time access and dynamic database structure, this is a perfect solution to your time tracking requirements.

Biometric Time Clocks - Fingerprint, Handscanners, & USB Desktop

Eliminate "buddy punching" with biometric verification. Using mathematical values and other factors, this time clock is foolproof in knowing what employee is clocking in and out. Safe, Secure and Accurate the Biometric Time Clocks are your best option for making sure all employees are timed as they should be. Biometric Clocks are the top of the line for your business needs.

TelClock - Telephone Based Time and Attendance

TelClock provides flexibility and convenience of clicking in and out without the need of a centralized time clock. Your employees can record their time and more from the road which is ideal for Construction, Technicians, Home Service, Delivery, Travelers and more.

Training & Support

Every business has different goals and expectations for training and support. We provide several options for both small businesses, which may require a more in-depth deployment, training and support involvement, and more experienced businesses, with experienced administrators who just need the occasional supplemental assistance.

Training & Support is available in a wide variety of solutions:

Auto Updates

Stay up to date with all supplemental releases. Auto Update will keep your version of software current with all feature improvements and fixes. This feature is free within all current versions of the software.

Support Options

Live Support is available in several formats. Whether it's phone, email, web, live or onsite, consult with our experts to determine the best support solution for your business needs.

Training Options

The success of any software deployment relies greatly on the effectiveness of the training procedures. We have several training options that our experts can caterer to your business to insure a smooth and successful implementation and use.

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