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We provide powerful payroll solutions with a great Return On Investment.

Choose from a range of software and hardware options to fit your business and budget. Our expert staff will work with you to ensure you get the right solution the first time.

Payroll Services

Basic payroll processing services include: calculating paycheck and tax obligations for each employee, printing and delivering checks, and providing management reports. Paychecks can be issued on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or yearly basis.

Payroll Outsourcing

All companies have payroll, however not all business owners realize that there are cost effective outsource solutions for all sizes of businesses. Outsourcing is not just for the large companies anymore.

Benefits of Payroll Services:

Direct Deposit as a payroll option is quickly becoming the standard. Employees already know about it and are expecting it more and more as a given option when working. Direct Deposit is actually a very inexpensive benefit for both employers and their employees.

Benefits of Direct Deposit:

General Ledger

General ledger of transactions is the fundamental accounting record for businesses. It’s critical for payroll efficiency that you have a payroll solution which integrates all aspects of your business.

General Ledger options include:


Most small business don’t have the personnel or experience to handle all the aspects of payroll which are required today. To insure that you are processing items like garnishments with in state and federal laws, it’s very important that your payroll solution can handle these with ease.

We have the experience to handle every part of your payroll. Having items like Garnishment of wages taken outside your office is beneficial for not only to you, the employer, but saves moral and embarrassing situation with employees and their co-workers. We can ease the burden of uncomfortable situations out of your workplace and keep it with the privacy of your employees.

Payroll Reporting and Tools

Payroll reporting is essential to running an efficient company and Tru-Comp makes generating them quick and easy. Choose from Payroll to Time Sheet reports, General Ledger to Detailed Deposit reports, Employee Benefits to Tax Reporting, we have all the reports and tools you will need. If you have a customer report that we do not currently offer, your highly trained technical staff can customize one for you.

Several of our most popular reports:

Tru-Comp PayCards

Save time and money while providing a FREE Employee Benefit to your employees. Employees will enjoy this secure, hassle-free and convenient debit card that is safer than carrying cash.

Learn more about the benefits for your employees and for your business.

Interested in Tru-Comp™ Payroll + HR Services?

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