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Revolutionize your Payroll with Tru-Comp PayCards!

Save Time and Money while providing a FREE Employee Benefit to your employees. Employees will enjoy this safe, secure, hassle-free and convenient debit card that is more secure than carrying cash. With no credit check, any employee can use them while you save on average $50/employee per year. Tru-Comp PayCards are excepted everywhere Visa® and credit cards are accepted.

Tru-Comp PayCard Features

Test Alerts to your mobile device

PayCard holders can elect to have a text message sent to their mobile devices for just about any action that is done with the Tru-Comp PayCard.

Rewards, Cash Back & Discount Programs: Ways to Earn Rewards

Tru-Comp PayCard holders can opt into our program to receive rewards and instant discounts from normal purchasing behavior. Visa sponsored merchant discount coupons can be used either online or in store and are available to cardholders.

Interest Bearing Savings Account

Tru-Comp PayCard users can put money aside in an interest savings account which is similar to a normal savings account.

Bill Payment

Say goodbye to paying bills with cash or expensive money orders. You can now have the convenience and security to pay all your bills anytime, day or night. Choose from over 6,000 billing companies and the ability to pay multiple bills at the same time.

Portable and Personal

A Tru-Comp PayCard is your private card account that you own. If you enroll in direct deposit with you current employer, just do the same with future employers and keep your same account active. Once you sign up with your current employer, the account is yours until you cancel it. Tru-Comp PayCards can also be used to receive pay from multiple jobs at the same time.

Reloading & Money Transfer

If you opt in, you have the ability to have your pay check automatically deposited onto your Tru-Comp PayCard by simply providing your employer with your account and routing number. You can also easily reload your Tru-Comp PayCard using one of our more than 50,000 POS and ATM locations on our network.

Spending Flexibility & Access

You can use your PayCard however you want. Tru-Comp PayCards are accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted. You can also access your funds for FREE without fees from your account at over 50,000 convenient locations.

ATM & Access Locations

Tru-Comp PayCards use the Allpoint access network with convenient locations where you shop the most and near you. With 1 in 12 ATM locations having the Allpoint logo, you have a variety of choices on where to access your account.

Tru-Comp PayCard Features

For Employees:

For Employers:

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