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Do More, Get More, Win More - As One


No hype. Just quietly building around our common mission. 

Just-Works, Insperity, ADP and a cast of 1000s. PEOs and ASO's that'll do anything for a buck. And then spend the spoils on bonuses and other 1% causes.

Inspired by so many labor unions and progressive organizations, we're proving that we do better - together. That's the essence of our CSSO - collective shared services organization.

Our "city" is an ecosystem that serves our people. Could any other election year demonstrate that unity and sharing are vital?

Best-in-class services and support, affordable benefits, unimaginable budget enhancement and a singular commitment to you and your mission.

Solidarity isn't just a word.


Shift some of the weight to us...

More than ever, progressives and Dems need staff, members and volunteers to win. But you don't need the time-sucking administrative and legal burdens that go along with paying wages, stipends, expenses and taxes.

From 90-second on-boarding to comprehensive pay and time support, our pioneering "Staff-Carry System" was built (and is constantly upgraded) to serve you, your mission, your allies and your field teams and providers:

  • Same-day and "instant" payroll
  • Comprehensive expense reimbursement
  • Stipend tracking and payment
  • One-time payroll service 
  • Secure time-tracking and loss prevention
  • Real 24-7 staff and pay support
  • Free no-fee pay cards
  • No tax or staff related payments or filings
  • Custom work weeks and pay periods

Set-up is free, blazingly fast, utterly without disruption and can start yesterday.

Winning demands your undivided attention and time. While direct voter contact is crucial, it also presents the greatest number of administrative challenges.  

Let us shoulder or share the back-office load while dramatically expanding your time and resource budgets

Every dollar, every knock, every signature, every vote, every hour matters.

Since 2010, we've helped on 100s of campaigns and projects, taken care of 1000s of staffers and generated over $2M in budget surpluses.

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