I Can See...

  "I don't have compromising videos... Nor do I possess copies of secret ... documents. The proofs are irrefutable because they are partial, recorded with my eyes, recounted with words, and tempered with emotions that have echoed off iron and wood. I see, hear, look, talk, and in this way I testify ... useful when [my testifying] whispers, 'It's not true,' in the ear of those who listen to the rhyming lullabies of power. The truth is partial; after all, if it could be reduced to an objective formula, it would be chemistry. I know and ... so I tell. About these truths."  Roberto Saviano Gomorrah

Koch-Trump Anti-ConVECtionism


  1. the movement caused within a fluid by the tendency of hotter and therefore less dense material to rise, and colder, denser material to sink under the influence of gravity, which consequently results in transfer of heat.

We are gravity. Time to sink the densest. To not allow the meaning of the singular code words "law and order" to escape us as we meet in Philadelphia and prepare for the election beyond. We're hot and need to get hotter. 

Dead Cops and Attitude


In 1982, few knew what MDC meant. By 1988, everyone knew what NWA meant. Both espoused progressive ideals - from utterly different perspectives. While white MDC largely flew under the radar, black NWA was sometimes banned, often forbidden to play "Fuck tha Police" live, got special "attention" and threats from the FBI, and, became a perfect target for Tipper's PRMC. This even though MDC stood for Millions of Dead Cops

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I suppose the "client-side" of TruCorps may send a more traditional Independence Day message. Given that Gay Pride Month ended yesterday, though, I want to talk about freedom in a slightly different context. 


This image originated in the the LA-Hollywood punk scene in the mid 1970s. Mostly overlooked, forgotten or dismissed by NYC and London punk chroniclers, Hollywood is where the heart of the genre-movement took shape: a DIY work ethic and real inclusiveness.  

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Moms Matter

Was just thinking about my Mom yesterday.  More than five years since she passed and rarely has Mother's Day turned my head to her rather than - more instinctively - to the mother of my children. My kids called her nonna. An awesome Italian mom and grandmother.

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