Our mission is supporting work that matters. Enabling you to focus on your mission. Here, we're doing low-profile "back-office" work. We do this only for you.

Common Values and Mission Loyalty

  • We are in this together.  Our mission is to support "work that matters" in the best ways possible around a core set of back-office services. 
  • Business is political.   Meaning only that we believe options matter.  If inertia is the only thing holding you back from working with shared-mission entities and small businesses, then it's time to move.   
  • Transparency matters. Payroll and HR are largely shadow industries controlled by a handful of conglomerates built on hidden line-item fees and fear-of-change. Not here.
  • Green. We are extraordinarily committed to paperless solutions, a minimal carbon footprint and supporting same.
  • We support working families and unions in unique and special ways.
  • Every dollar matters.  Where money, dues or donations are spent does too.  Wasted, hidden, unaccounted for, reckless or forgotten, it all adds up and gets used for good or ill in the hands of companies that don't share our progressive vision.
  • The nature and demands of your work matters more than ours. Our schedule is your schedule. 24-7.

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