Koch-Trump Anti-ConVECtionism


  1. the movement caused within a fluid by the tendency of hotter and therefore less dense material to rise, and colder, denser material to sink under the influence of gravity, which consequently results in transfer of heat.

We are gravity. Time to sink the densest. To not allow the meaning of the singular code words "law and order" to escape us as we meet in Philadelphia and prepare for the election beyond. We're hot and need to get hotter. 

Dead Cops and Attitude


In 1982, few knew what MDC meant. By 1988, everyone knew what NWA meant. Both espoused progressive ideals - from utterly different perspectives. While white MDC largely flew under the radar, black NWA was sometimes banned, often forbidden to play "Fuck tha Police" live, got special "attention" and threats from the FBI, and, became a perfect target for Tipper's PRMC. This even though MDC stood for Millions of Dead Cops

We may be through with the past, but the past isn't through with us...


Though collectors debate the authenticity of the badges, there's no denying that slave patrols began as early police forces in Virginia and the Carolinas. They persisted through Reconstruction. Like public law enforcement forces today, they are pure instruments of the state. Their abuses were and are the absolute responsibility of the local, state and national governments that build, arm and sustain them. 


While the roots of police targeting of African-Americans run deep, so do their contemporary offshoots. In the last 25 years alone, government policy has shown police officers that black men and women are peculiar kinds of threats. The aggregate data and the general leniency with which police abuse is treated paints a clear training message: blacks should be feared, belong in jail and should generally be beaten or shot at the earliest opportunity.

Police Need More Bombs and Stuff

Reading or hearing "Black Lives Matter" is not an invitation to compare lives that also matter. Nor, IMHO, do the individual situational facts matter - those used by government to justify the murder of black men or women. Not here - not now. 

I don't think law enforcement officers should be murdered by snipers, but Dallas and Baton Rouge did not mean that cops are in any new kind of danger nor that "law and order" is under siege. Worse, those isolated incidents will mean more police militarization, less focus on public safety, more "blue-looking-out-for-blue" and more propaganda used to divert our attention from the underlying systemic issue: government sanctioned hunting and killing of African-Americans.

Here's what we'd like to say: "Officer, if you're already feeling the need to unholster your service weapon while merely approaching a black-broken-tail-light-counterfeit-cigarette-selling perp, get back in your damn car, man. We'll be fine. And no one will have to die. Then drive over to your fraternal order office and ask for help defeating the system that makes you believe you are in harm's way every time someone of color is in your sights." 

No. We Can't We All Just Get Along.

Calls for civility and respect for law and order generally come from those being protected by the law and treated in a civil manner. There is conflict here. Conflict in the pursuit of change and justice. Our mission is to support those working for progressive change. Whatever your justifiably righteous construction or means in this fight against systemic racism and law enforcement abuse, that's "work that matters." We will find a way to support your efforts. Just ask.

Let the heat rise.


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