Employee Self-Service

Get the most out of your workday by staying focused on your core business. Employee Self Service can help you:


  • Reduce printing costs and get environmentally friendly. ESS allows employees to access paystubs, pay history, and year-end tax forms online.
  • Decrease administrative hassles. Pairing ESS with direct deposit or cash cards can eliminate time spent tracking down employees on payday.
  • Improve information accuracy. Employees can access and view payroll and HR data at any time, improving communication and data accuracy.

Employee Self Service Details

  • Contact Information- name, address, phone, etc.
  • Position and Earnings- department, status, position, earnings, and reviews
  • Deductions- all deductions withheld from pay
  • Taxes- all taxes withheld from pay
  • Direct Deposit- each bank account set up for deposit
  • Accruals- vacation, sick, or other time-off balances
  • Pay History- previous checks and a year-to-date summary
  • Form W-2 or 1099
  • Company Contact Information- mailing address and contact



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