Comprehensive HR and Benefits

Our unique Collective Shared Services Organization (“CSSO”) provides comprehensive and affordable payroll, benefits and human resource services through a business-to-business relationship. We take on many employee-related employer responsibilities, while you continue to manage, run and grow the organization. 

Not Your Typical Service Provider

Our mission is supporting progressives. We want to build a unique set of shared services around a growing family of progressive organizations.  And we want to take sharing beyond the click.  Our model supports unions, parties, committees, collectives, non-profits and more. The nexus that matters to us is mission.  

In our vision, where an organic CSSO is being built around specific kinds of organizations with progressive values and a special mission, the acronym - which is generally misused in any case - is of limited value.  This is better described as a shared ecosystem.

The Basics 

You remain the “primary” employer with control over managing daily work and core job functions as well as maintaining your organizational structure.  The CSSO takes on certain, specific employer obligations, as agreed to in a service agreement. This allows us to handle functions like payroll, benefits, tax remittance and related government filings.  Because we act as an employer for these purposes, we assume a greater amount of responsibility than, for example, a straight payroll company.

By sharing services and taking advantage of economies of scale, we can more cost-effectively manage or co-manage HR jobs that you may otherwise outsource to multiple service providers – like payroll processing, benefit plan management and administration, recruiting and training, and more.  

We do not in any way control the underlying entities, replace existing staff nor create transition disruption.

Employee Benefits

Employees will have access to a wider variety of benefits than any individual organization can obtain on its own. This includes medical, dental and vision coverage, a health care flexible spending account, a retirement plan, life insurance and personal accident insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance, adoption assistance, commuter benefits and educational assistance. In addition, we’ll provide ACA and related compliance guidance..

Payroll Processing

We become your payroll service provider, managing the regular compensation of your employees, along with payroll record maintenance and management, payroll compliance, online pay-stubs and W-2s, payroll management reports, garnishment and deduction administration and PTO accruals.

HR Administration

Supporting your internal HR team, our team helps manage employer liabilities, can provide employee handbooks, CBA assistance, new hire onboarding, termination assistance, leave of absence request management, employee relations support, substance abuse prevention services, liability management training, employment verification, and more.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage and Administration

Our CSSO provides you with workers’ compensation insurance coverage. We can also manage and resolve your claims in the event of an on-site injury. To prevent injuries before they even happen, our CSSO offer workplace safety reviews. Its safety specialists can work with your company to design safety and return-to-work programs.

Performance Management Support

We can help you design and conduct employee performance appraisals on a regular basis. In addition, to support ongoing performance improvement, we can provide you with compensation resources and tools, supervisor coaching, assistance with job descriptions, reward and recognition program design, base pay structures, self-help tools and worksheets for variable and sales compensation structures and company climate surveys.

Training and Development

Our CSSO offers you training and leadership development services for your employees, such as an online learning management system containing interactive courses and digital books. Our training services may also include live or virtual training seminars.

Recruiting Support

We can help you design the ideal recruitment process that fits your unique business. It may also work with you to develop job descriptions, conduct wage and salary surveys, and improve your hiring managers’ interview and candidate selection skills.

Reduce Employer Liability

What’s more, we can help your company effectively and efficiently mitigate a substantial portion of the risk and responsibility associated with having employees, including risks associated with things like: correctly reporting, collecting and depositing taxes with state and federal authorities; I-9 requirements; EEO reporting and claim resolution; and, management of certain employee-related claims and provision of Employee Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Compliance Assistance

Our on-demand specialists are responsible for monitoring many employer-related state and federal laws. Armed with this knowledge, they can help you stay abreast of constantly shifting laws, regulations and reporting requirements that impact your ability to successfully run your business. These include things like properly following federal and state leave laws, assisting your company in its compliance with the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) overtime requirements and employee handbook development.

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